More than 97% Positive Customer Feedback!

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is an Amazon Bestseller, with over 97% Positive Reviews and a 4.1 out of 5 Rating!

  • The built-in coal filter keeps the water clean and prevents it from getting stale and dirty. Provides fresh and clean drinking water

  • Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately. 3 Year Warranty included

  • The smart and simple design is easy to disassemble and dishwasher safe. A special clamp prevents the motor from creating noise

  • More than 2x cheaper than other similar drinking fountains. Budget friendly product with good value for less money.

3 Year Warranty

Anything Missing? Something Stopped Working? No Problem! The Manufacturer "Pet-Mate" Promises A 3 Year Warranty On Your Purchase!

  • Kayla

    "We have cat food and water in both the kitchen and my bedroom. I put this fountain in my bedroom, and my cat goes out of his way to drink out of it when he's thirsty. That deserves five stars. The flowing water definitely tastes better than the stagnant puddles found in regular water dishes. I clean mine probably twice a week or so. The white color makes it easy to spot dirty water, and the size allows the clean water to last a few days. My cat loves it, so I love it!"

  • Ted J.

    Excellent product. I have used several other brands of pet fountains for my cats and this style is the best. First, it is very quiet and does not have the usual splashing sound. However, it does efficiently airate the water with 2 waterfalls. There are 3 pools of water from still water to a flowing stream and the cat can select which from which to drink. The water is filtered and a very strong pump circulates the stream. This unit is very simple to clean. The entire top pops off to allow for a good scrubbing and to change the filter. I clean it about once a week; the water is still clean, but the walls get a slight slippery feel. Other water pumps seems to leave a film of household dust on the water surface, but this unit always has a clean surface. My cat adapted to it easily. Highly recommended.

  • Stephen Silva

    We used to have a different brand of cat fountain, and this one is far superior in several ways: 1. The lip you see in front of the fountain allows you to hold it there and easily place the fountain on the ground after refilling. The other brand lacks this, and we had some spill issues. 2. The dual hight is ideal. Before, our car would lean down to lick the stream of the other brand fountain. But it turns out, our car prefers to drink from the more comfortable height! 3. The cord is connected to the fountain in a different manner and location than the other brand. It is easier to place this fountain on the ground and not on the cord. 4. There are only four pieces: bottom, top, filter, pump. They fit together so seamlessly. The other brand has six pieces, and fitting them together was always a pain. Overall, this fountain is larger, cheaper, and much easier to use than the other cat fountain brand. Highly recommended! - Quiet design. The Petmate was very noisy. Both fountains actually have the same motor, but the Cat Mate fountain has a special clamp which prevents the motor from vibrating and therefore creating noise. The old Petmate's motor relied on suction cups which allowed the motor to vibrate against the frame of the fountain. The new Cat Mate fountain is very quiet. - 3 pools of water with 2 waterfalls. This design allows for the cats to drink from two elevated pools of moving water, or two waterfalls, or the larger pool of still water. This also allows our cats to drink from the same fountain at the same time. They also seem to prefer the water falls over the Petmate's water ramp. The design also has a faster water flow rate compared to the Petmate (the cats seem to prefer this too). - Easier to clean. The design is easy to disassemble and is dishwasher safe. The Petmate and Drinkwell designs are not and harder to clean. You will want to change you fountain water at least once a week (we change ours twice a week) and put it in the dishwasher at least once a month. This process is much easier to do than with the old Petmate. - Money!!! The Petmate is more expensive for a worse design. Our grown children have a Drinkwell which they say is better than the Petmate, but it costs over twice the price of this Cat Mate. In short great fountain for less bucks.

  • Kellie Collins

    We had two PetMate Water Fountains that lasted almost 15 years and died within six months of each other. The first water fountain we bought was a PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain. We still have it but we are not pleased with it mainly because of the noise. So we bought this one next. This water fountain is so much better. It is compact and putting it together is pretty simple. All the parts except the pump can go in the dishwasher if you choose. We clean this by hand once a week and it is by the far the easiest fountain we have ever had to clean. The cats love it and have four places to drink from (bottom, slide, second and third levels.) Most importantly it is QUIET!!! If that matters to you this is the fountain to buy. My only complaint and but I am still giving it 5 stars is I wish there were a larger size. This one holds 70 oz and were used to a fountain that holds much more. With two cats we refill on the 7th day. Overall this is a great fountain!

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