About Us

Hey There! Thanks for visiting this Website 🙂

We Love Cats and believe that they only deserve the best we can get out there because they enrichen our lives with their loving and caring presence!


The Story

This is a Site from Cat Lovers for Cat Lovers!

My mum and I have been living with cats for over 10 years and we totally love and adore our furry little friends. We believe that they deserve the best treatment and nourishment they can get because that’s what we would do to ourselves. So when we bought the Cat Mate Pet Fountain for our cats, it was a no-brainer to let other people know about this amazing product!

We all love and need fresh and clean drinking water, so why wouldn’t we provide the very same to our pets?

The Reason

Living with cats for over a decade has seen us try out lots of different Gadgets for cats. One Issue that has always been keeping us busy is how to provide our friends with fresh and clean drinking water. We have tried regular bowls and even though they’re fine and there is nothing wrong about them, it is still not the best option. The Water gets dirty pretty fast and the bowls tend to get pretty sticky from the cat saliva.

One Day, my mother was recommended by a friend to buy a Cat Mate Pet Fountain. And this was truly a game changer! We’ve been serving our cats water from puddles until now but that is a part of history. No more stale and dirty water puddles and no more lack of fresh Water for our Cats! It did take our furry friends some time to get used to the fountain but ever since they got the hang of it they love it and we wouldn’t go back to the old ways.

So that’s a long story told short 🙂

This Website was set-up to inform other Pet Lovers about the benefits of using a Cat Mate Pet Fountain. Because we love cats and believe that we should treat them no less thant we treat ourselves: only with the best we can get!


Simon & Linde