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In case you were wondering how to even set up this water fountain and if it’s diffcicult or not – i got you covered. I am going to show you step by step how to assemble the Ani Mate Pet Fountain. You’re gonna see that it is pretty simple and straightforward – anyone with two hands can do it!

So without further a due, let’s get down to business!

The Manual:
  • Step #1
    • Unboxing, of course 😉
    • The Fountain should consist of 4 Major Parts
      • two plastic elements which build the actual fountain
      • an electric pump with a handle on it
      • a coal filter (the blue item)
  • Step #2
    • Plug in the electric pump on the underside of the bigger plastic element
      • Tip: adjust the handle afterwards to control the water stream
  • Step #3
    • Insert the coal-filter into the wider but lower plastic element
  • Step #4
    • Put the two plastic elements on top of each other and make sure the cable of the electric pump is channeled through the small hole on the backside of the fountain
  • Step #5
    • now you can start filling the water pools, there is a “max” and a “min” indication telling you how much water you can pour into the bowl
  • Step #6
    • once you’ve set up the fountain and followed the previous steps, you can now simply plug in the power adapter and the fountain is up and running!


And that’s all there is! It is really simple to assemble the fountain – and even as easy to disassemble it. If you want do put the plastic parts in the dishwasher just take the upper part of and unplug the water pump then you can put both plastic trays in. As for the coal filters, it is recommended to replace them once a month to maintain a maximum freshness and cleanness of the water. Replacing them is not a big deal, you just lift the plastic top and replace the blue cartridge with a new filter. There is even a cleansing set which can be ordered along the water fountain to keep it as clean as possible. This is not a necessity though, just washing the plastic parts at least once a month; replacing the coal cartridges every other 4 weeks and of course cleaning the electric pump (which can get clogged if you don’t clean it for a long time) should be enough to keep this boy running smoothly.

But if you’re all in …

…you can get the complete Set of Pet Fountain, replacement filters and cleaning kit on amazon:

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