Hey There! As a Visitor of this website you are clearly into your pets and therefore into what you can do to improve their health. Providing your pet with fresh and clean drinking water is a good way to start. But there’s more than just clean water to it – nutrition, rest and hygiene also play a big part. I created this blog posts to give you an overview on how to spot if your cat or dog is healthy or not. It would be interesting to see how many of these signs apply to you – let me know in the comment section below!


So without further a due, let’s look at the most common signs for both cats and dogs:

Signs for good cat health

Play with me you filthy hooman!
  • Overall Body Condition
    • They should have a well-proportioned figure. Of course, every cat is individual and some are bigger and some are smaller in size. Even when there is some excess body fat it doesn’t mean your cat is unhealthy – looking from above you should be able to observe a waist behind the ribs. You live with your cat and you know it best so you should probably know best what their normal body shape looks like.
  • The Fur, The Eyes, The Mouth
    • If your cat as a shiny and clean fur it is a strong sign that your cat is both happy and healthy. Their Eyes should be clear and bright, free from any discharge. Dental hygiene can best be spotted by looking at their gums and/or teeth. The teeth should be clean and there should not be any plaque left on their teeth. The color (should be pink normally) and smell of their gums also indicate good health (anything that smells too strong and uncommon is a bad sign).
  • Digestion
    • How well your cat digests can be told by looking at their stool. Quality and volume of their stool should be small and firm, as that shows that your cat is eating well and only small parts of their consumed nutrition leaves the body.
  • Routines
    • Cats love to sleep but they also love to be active, be playful and sometimes they just have their crazy 5 minutes where you don’t know what is going on with them. Signs of good health are if your cat is active and energetic, has a good lung capacity and therefore breathes easily. They should be flexible and have a normal range of motion, easily performing movements like climb stairs, jump, play and running around. You should also take a look at their posture, a proper and alert posture is a positive sign.


Signs for good dog health

Must go for a walk hooman!
  • Overall Body Condition
    • If you can feel and/or see the ribs of your dog and you can see a waist between your dog’s ribs and hips then your dog is in a good condition. Like for cats, dogs differ in size and a lot depends on their breed. As long as you don’t see a big belly you’re good – and yes, you do know your dog better than I do so just watch out for sudden weight gain/loss.
  • The Fur, The Eyes, The Mouth
    • A healthy coat is indicated by shininess and no broken hairs. You also want it to be free of dandruffs. Shedding hair is normal for dogs and it happens throughout the seasons, so when your dog sheds but maintains a voluminous fur there is nothing to worry about. Their eyes should also be clean and bright, not showing sings of redness or discharge. To check dental hygiene it is best to smell a dog’s breath – bad breath is just like it is for humans a bad sign of dental health as  that usually indicates digestive problems or teeth problems.
  • Digestion
    • Watch your dog’s appetite. If your dog suddenly becomes either hungry or thirsty and does consume more than usual you should probably call the vet. Their digestive health can best be spotted by looking at their stool. Stools should be naturally brown with no diarrhoea and/or excess mucus passed with it.
  • Routines
    • Dogs can be very energetic and they love to be active. Healthy dogs spend time with their family , are eager to play and observe their environment thoroughly. The way they hold their head and tail can also tell you a lot. A whipping tail and a head held high show that your dog is both healthy and happy. So if you catch your friend spending more time alone, being disengaged or changing their sleeping, there is something odd with their overall health.


How to improve overall health

Of course, I am not a vet and what I can provide to you are only tips from my experience. Improving a pet’s health is not rocket science – all it takes is some plain and simple things that any human being would also need to be healthy: love, food, drink and hygiene.

So here’s my  Top 5 ways to improve pet health:

  1. Provide a quality diet and supply fresh, clean drinking water
  2. Keep your pet lean by keeping it active and playing with it
  3. regular check-ups at your local veterinarian
  4. observe their dental hygiene (gum and teeth color/smell)
  5. keep a good eye on them, you never know what they might be up to next


A Pet does not require much to be healthy and happy. If you provide a quality diet and provide fresh and clean drinking water everyday you’re already laying a strong foundation for your pet’s health. Cats are less active than dogs and don’t require to go outside on walks but you should still find some time to actively play with your kitty. Do check on their dental hygiene from time to time, looking and smelling at both their gums and teeth. Of course, you won’t be able to supervise your pet 24/7 but remember to always keep an eye on them as they are curious by nature and might do something unexpected out of the blue (one of our cats once jumped on the running cooking stove out of curiosity and then had a little burn on her paw)!

If anything suspicious and uncommon appears in either their eating habits, daily routine or physical attributes it is best to check up with your vet. I’d recommend seeing the vet at least once a year.

So thanks for reading this article and feel free to leave a reply in the comment section below!

PS: Did you know that vets recommend using a drinking fountain to improve your pet’s health?

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