All life forms need Water

Water is one of the most important substances on planet earth. All life forms need water – humans, animals and also plants. Without Water there would be no life on earth. Water is an essential part of daily life hence we are using it for cooking, washing, keeping plants alive and of course to drink it and hydrate our bodies.

Talking of drinking water, it is very important that the water we drink is clean and therefore free of germs, dirt and bacteria. Clean and safe drinking water is called “potable water”. Chemichals and disease-causing germs can find their way into water and when this happens it becomes polluted and it can make us very sick. So naturally we prevent this from happening by treating the water so that it becomes potable and drinkable. In many countries we can drink water from the tap and it is perfectly ok for us to do that. Whenever we feel like drinking a glass of water we get some fresh and clean water from the tap.

But we wouldn’t fill a glass, let it stand around for days and drink from it – would we?

So why do this unto our beloved pets? Why not give them fresh and clean drinking water whenever they feel like it? Water to them is as important as it is to us. More so, potable water which is safe to drink and free from germs or bacteria.


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Here are the Top 4 Reasons why our pets deserve and need fresh drinking water daily and more so, why a Pet Fountain is the go-to product to provide them with it:

Drinking Habits

It is both healthy and vital for pets to have a fresh and safe drinking source when they are thirsty. They may not be thirsting for water 24/7 but when they do it should be fresh. Pets can evolve so called “drinking disorders” where they are pracitcally deprived from water until they get some. And when they do, they drink it all up in a hurry because they don’t know when is the next time they are going to get some. The result is that they are worried about something which shouldn’t be worrying at all – there is more than enough water for all of us.

A Drinking Fountian for pets solves this issue as it is running constantly, filtering the water so it stays fresh and clean. It also keeps the water flowing which makes pets naturally more attracted to drinking to hit (because their instincts from nature are used to water combined with the sound of it flowing). They now have access to healthy, clean water all of the time and never have to worry about not having some. They can now drink fresh water whenever they feel like it – just like we humans do!

Temperature Regulation

Just like humans, animals have a naturaly body temperature. Water helps keeping the temperature neutral so their bodies do not overheat. Animals sweat too, even though it doesn’t occur often – so providing our furry friends with plenty of fresh drinking water directly improves their overall health.

Drinking Fountains provide our pets with just that, and without us having to worry about “refilling” their


Water forms most of the mucus lining (slime) that protects an animals stomach from the effects of acid. Water passes straight through the stomach without the need of being digested but it does activate a sodium bicarbonate layer which is responsible for protecting the stomach from acidic reactions. Combined with saliva, which also consists mostly of water, the mucus takes over an integral part of a pet’s digestive system.

Another reason to choose a drinking fountain. Pets are used to either eating dry food or wet food (could also be both), so naturally they will get thirsty too.

Dental Hygiene

Animals drink Water also becasue it cleanses their mouths. Often when our pets drink water they let it rinse through the mouth to clean their mouth; in plain nature they would of course use flowing water for this which would be clean all the time. But way too often if they drink water from a puddle it does not get filtered or washed and so contains the dirt they rinse through their mouth – when they drink from the puddle after it, they drink all of the bacteria and dirt with it.

With a Water Fountain, this does not happen.


If you wouldn’t drink or eat it, why would you allow your pet to?

Fresh, clean and safe oxygenated drinking Water is as important to animals as it is to us. Not only does it form a major part of an animals nutrition but it is also responsible for essential body functions like temperature regulating and digesting. Naturally, animals are used to water which is in movement like it would be in a river – so are we humans. A Pet Fountain provides our furry friends with oxygenated, fresh drinking water just like they would find it in mother nature.

So if you’re still uncertain about the importance of Water for your pet, remember this quote by the british poet W.H. Auden:

“Thousands have lived without love – but not one without water”








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  1. Thanks for reminding me how important water is. I have been drinking mostly water for the past year or so, and I have to say I feel amazing for doing so.

    With our bodies being around 70% something water — it’s easy to see why we need it so much.

    About how much water do you drink a day?

    • Hey Michael,

      My pleasure to inform you! Water is utterly important for all life forms on this planet. You’re absolutely right about that!

      I try to get 2-3 litres of water a day, depending on how active I have been. What about you?



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