You might be thinking “why should I be reading this article – I KNOW my cat loves me”. And I might agree with you on that. But still, cats are animals and we are humans; we have different ways of communicating and expressing our feelings. Animals are not thinkers, they are feelers. They feel things and express them but it’s not always clear for us how to interpret what they are trying to tell us!

So here are 10 bulletproof signs that your cat actually loves you:

  • Head Butts

    • If your kitty often gives you head butts (those cute little head butts out of nowhere) it is trying to show you that they trust you and love you. Only close cat pals get head-butts!
      • PS: this is cute with cats but imagine a human giving you a head butt to show you their love
  • Purring

    • This might be the most common sign; cats purring shows that they are happy and at peace (because you know how important water is for them ;- ) )
  • Playful Bites

    • do you ever play with your cat and they start to give you these cute, soft bites? Don’t freak out because they are not trying to hurt you! This is a sign to show that they accept you as kitty-proof-play-buddies; they are aware that they have sharp teeth and that is why they just bite you casually.
  • Tail Whips

    • This one is a bit trickier to interpret as cat’s tails are generally moving a lot. A straight up and bushed up tail is telling you “danger” and “alertness” so it’s something you don’t want to see often. But a playfully whipping tail says “I’m so down with you!”.  Especially if you are close to the cat and they are whipping their tail it is a strong sign of affection.
  • ROFL (actually just ROF for “rolling on the floor”)

    • ROFL stands for “rolling on the floor laughing” but since we are not sure how cats laugh we make this just “rolling on the floor”. When a kitty is laying on her back, showing her chest and tummy as if they don’t have to fear an attack or to be hurt it is a huge sign of trust. Remember that the chest is the most vulnerable part – not only for humans but also for cats. So by exposing the weakest part they are sending a strong message!
  • Cleansing

    • If you get the cat-shower treatment which is basically your cat trying to groom you like you were one of them. This is a sure-shot sign of affection and love as they have now accepted you as a fellow kitten.
      • PS: I’d still recommend getting a real shower though
  • Blinking

    • Ever caught your cat staring at you and giving you blinks? This happens a lot and the eyes speak more than 1000 words. A cat looking at you and blinking is like a human looking at you and smiling. It’s the cat’s way of saying “hey you, I like to see you!”
  • Napping (this one was to be expected)

    • If your cat treats you, your clothes ore other stuff that belongs to you like it was their bed – be sure that they love you! In fact, they love you so much that they’ve chosen you to be their bed. Did you know that cats are most vulnerable when sleeping? So sleeping next to your (or on top of you) is a real sign of affection.
  • Presents

    • If you cat treats you with gifts they want to show you that you are their friend! Cats are natural hunter and hunters love to show off their prey. So next time your cat brings you a dead bird (or if it stays inside all day it might be a sock) show them you appreciate their effort. Praise them for the great hunters they are and cherish this sign of cat-friendship!


So how many of these signs have you encountered with your cat/cats? Let me know in the comment section below! 


PS: If you haven’t seen any of these signs yet, it might be because you are not providing enough fresh and clean drinking water for your furry buddy! Fresh, clean and safe drinking water for your pet is something that can be achieved easily and also budget-friendly.

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