Did you know that every third cat, older than 8 years, suffers from diseases of either the kidneys or the urinary system due to a lack of water.

Studies have actually shown this result. So we are encouraged to provide more water for our pet. How do we achieve that? The answer is open to you – but veterinarians highly recommend a water fountain. This is mainly because water fountains are easy to maintain and let your cat drink fresh water whenever they want to.

Disclaimer: this is not an actual vet!
But how much water do for example Cats need per day?

The rule to go is: per each kilogram of bodyweight your cat should consume 30-40ml of Water.
If your cat is an indoor-only cat then it is even more, because they are consuming dry food. Of course, it is difficult to give specific amounts because every cat is individual and their water intake depends on various factors. Room temperature, an active lifestyle and the dryness of the air in the room can make a big difference on a cat’s water intake. Naturally though, cats do not drink a lot of water. Some if their daily doses they consume with wet food but of course, this is not enough. This is where a water fountain comes in handy; the cat can freely decide to drink whenever it feels like it.

But wait, there’s more! It’s also a psychological thing:

Evolution has taught our furry friends that standing waters (e.g. a water puddle) could be infected with bacteria and germs. Whereas flowing water is associated with rivers, and therefore pure and clean water!

Okay, I think you get it. Water fountains are pretty handy for cats, but what about us? How do we profit from setting up a water fountain? And what about cleaning and maintaining this gadget?

Well, we do not directly profit from it. In first instance, we are paying for it. But the reward of creating a healthier lifestyle for our furry friend should be more than enough to invest in such a thing. Even when it means that we’ll have to get our hands dirty now and then to get it clean.

Or wait, do we even have to get our hands dirty?

Nope, not really. The Ani Mate Pet Fountain is dishwasher safe. Just disassemble it, and put the plastic parts into the dishwasher. Once a month should be enough. But of course, this depends on how many cats drink from the fountain, how much water is in the fountain and what is the quality of the water. You’ll probably notice on your own when it is time to change the water – and when you feel that the plastic surface has become slimy and/or gooey it is about time to put it into that darn dishwasher!

Okay fine, sounds pretty easy – doesn’t it? But what about the added costs? How much power does it consume and does it affect my monthly electricity bill?

The answer is again, Nope. It runs on very low energy consumption (2 watts) – so low you won’t even notice it is plugged in. So it is not only budget-friendly but also eco-friendly! And in addition to that, it is extremely quiet! The only thing you’ll hear is either your cat drinking from it joyfully or the gentle flow of the water itself. The motor is ninja-like and does not make any loud noises – older versions of the fountain had an issue with that but it has already been fixed some time ago.

There might be one last concern for you:

What about the cat’s safety? We all know that electricity and water are a dangerous combination. A Water fountain is just that, it contains water and has an electrical plug within. So couldn’t my cat accidentally get an electric shock?

No need to worry! First of all, manufacturers have of course tested their own product and made sure that it is user-friendly and more than that safe. The electric pump is separated from where the water flows so there can not be an accidental contact. And more so, the electric charger is built to transform high voltage into safe, low voltage. This way it is even then secured when there is an error with the cable or the pump.


So to conclude, there are many reasons why a watering fountain for your pet is a good thing. Most important is in my opinion, that it improves their health. I love animals and if there is anything I can do to improve their life, their health and their well-being then I’m ready to do so.

We may not always listen to what doctors recommend to us humans, because today there is just a sheer of confusing and contradicting studies on what we should do, eat and drink or shouldn’t do, eat and drink. But let’s listen to what veterinarians suggest about animal health. Let’s trust these studies – for a better life for our pet friends.


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  1. This is such an interesting post, I had no idea that cats drinking fountains for pets exist, although it makes sense they would prefer this to stagnant water. Do other pets also prefer a drinking fountain or is this specific to cats?

  2. Thank you for this valuable information! It’s sad that so many older cats suffer from diseases due to a lack of water. I love my cats and want to do everything I can to keep them healthy. We always keep our cats’ water bowl full, but a fountain would certainly make it easier. It’s really interesting that cats prefer to drink from running water. I guess that explains why they like to drink from water faucets so much. I will definitely check out the provided links!

    • Hey Bailey,

      It’s mind-blowing how much of a difference flowing water makes to standing water, right? I talk about this very topic in my post on the importance of water. It’s really something that is deep in an animal’s psychology to prefer flowing water over standing water. Therefore investing in a watering fountain makes good sense as the cat now has steady access to fresh water, possibly preventing diseases on the way!



  3. Thank you for such an informative post. Since my childhood we had one or the other pet in our home, even today my grandma has 2 cats and I think this drinking fountain will be very helpful for them. As she is old it is a bit difficult for her to fill water for them every once in a while and moreover since you do not have to get your hands dirty every time so I think it make make her work easy. I will definitely show her this article. I have one more question, can I use this for my dog also? I mean will it work for dogs also?

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